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Learn English Online with a qualified tutor

Taking an online course is the best way to improve your English. This is because you learn English online in a live classroom with a qualified and passionate tutor. What is more, timetables are flexible and this means you can fit your language learning around your busy life.

You get a learning experience just like being in a traditional language school, but with the added benefit of studying from anywhere with a good internet connection. This goes together with the flexibility to study English when and where you need to. It's the perfect solution for busy people like you.

From your first lesson, you will be learning with a qualified and experienced tutor. Individual tuition guarantees that you have plenty of interaction time with an English speaker. This greatly improves your confidence in expressing yourself, and in managing and understanding what others say and write.

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Flexible timetables and live online classrooms

In fact, it is the passionate tutors and the flexible timetables that keep students coming back. You get the maximum exposure to English while building a strong relationship with your tutor - this means you will see results quickly.

With the range of online English courses, you can find what you need - from General English to Exam Tuition. Get the outcomes you want: improving your spoken ability, passing an exam or advancing in the business world.  Most of all, the flexible timetables mean that even the busiest person can find time to learn English online.

If you have not studied online before, and even if you have, all new learners get a free consultation. It lasts about 20 minutes and is a great opportunity for you to talk to a tutor about what you need, and the tutor can demonstrate the software, teaching techniques plus answer any questions you may have.

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