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Our virtual language school, London English Online, was established in 2011. Since then we have taught students from all over the world using the power of the internet. We have helped busy professionals, stressed parents, doctors, pilots, nurses, IT practitioners, Chiropractors and many other kinds of learners to improve their English at times that suit them.

Our tutoring

The basis of our service is the relationship between students and teachers. This is because building a strong relationship helps students to feel more relaxed and confident when using English. As a consequence, we aim to make a virtual classroom environment where students feel comfortable and ready to learn.

Making mistakes is a big part of language learning, and so is noticing and correcting those mistakes. That is why we build positive error correction into all our lessons. As well as this, you can expect topics tailored to your interests and lively discussions to help you make the most out of learning with a qualified tutor and English speaker.

Online learning

Online learning is a quickly growing sector of Education. Many people have tried an online course, but there are still many who haven't. If you can use email and social media, then you can take an online course. Our learning software gives both students and teachers the perfect platform for making the best of every learning opportunity. You connect to your tutor via both audio and video. Furthermore, there is a virtual whiteboard, and all materials are available for download after the class. Of course, the very best thing about learning online is the flexibility - you can study when you want which means you can fit learning English around the busiest of schedules.

See you online.

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David Harris, Director of Studies

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