No time to study English? No problem! Too far from your nearest English school? No worries!

You live a busy life and this means your time is precious. Taking an online course is the easiest way to improve your English when time is at a premium. You get to learn English in a live online classroom with a qualified and passionate tutor. Timetables are flexible meaning you can fit your language learning around your busy life.

How does it work?

You get a learning experience just like being in a traditional language school, but with the added benefit of studying from anywhere with a good internet connection. This goes together with the flexibility to study English when and where you need to. It's the perfect solution for busy people like you.

What about the tutors?

From your first lesson, you will be learning with a qualified and experienced tutor. Individual tuition guarantees that you have plenty of interaction time with an English speaking tutor. This greatly improves your confidence in expressing yourself, and in managing and understanding what others say and write.