Whether you are taking IELTS, FCE, CAE or CPE, online exam preparation will prepare you for your exam with the vocabulary, grammar and practice you need to push your English to the next level.

Taking an English exam allows you to prove to employers, universities and to yourself that you have a good level of English. With online exam tuition, the emphasis is put on the quality of the relationship between the learner and the tutor, and the flexibility of the online exam preparation to fit around the busiest schedules.

However, there are many English exams including the IELTS exam - General and Academic, and the Cambridge suite of exams: PET, KET, FCE- First certificate, CAE - Advanced, and CPE - proficiency. Read the handy guide below to help you choose the best exam your situation.

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Pros and cons of the different exams



The IELTS exam is accepted by the majority of Universities and employers as proof of your English level.

The score reflects your current English level - not a "pass" or "fail" grade.

It is also generally accepted for Visa requirements.

There are two types of IELTS exam - General and Academic.

Your certificate is only valid for 2 years.

The exam comprises of 4 sections: reading, listening, speaking and writing. There is no "grammar" section.

Cambridge Exams

The Cambridge exams are genrally an acceptable alternative to the IELTS for Universities and employers as proof of your English level.

You choose a specific level to study for - e.g. upper-intermediate (B2).

If your score is below or above the level you have studied for, you still get a certificate indicating your level.

Your certificate never expires.

The exam comprises of 5 sections: reading, listening, use of English, speaking and writing.



I took classes for 3 months to help me preparing First Certificate of Cambridge and it was a success. My teacher was realistic and very professional. He helped by fixing goals with me and taking the steps to achieve them. The best thing is that I enjoyed learning because I was having fun and the classes are so relaxed I got the most out of the lessons. I´ve had a great time; I passed the exam, and this has opened doors for me to work in the UK.

Natalia – Exam English