Flexible timetables

Classes can be taken during or after working hours. Our flexible timetable operates between these hours:

Mon-Thurs: 9.00am - 9.00pm

Fri: 9.00am - 5.00pm


4 hours £96

8 hours £188

12 hours £276


Online FCE tuition is suitable for students wishing to prepare for all sections of the Cambridge English: First exam.

These flexible lessons prepare you for the FCE exam. Your tutor takes you through all parts of the test: speaking, listening, reading, use of English and writing, and trains you in various techniques to help you maximise your time during the test. All of this is underpinned by covering relevant vocabulary and grammar, and allowing the practice to push your English to the next level.


Working with a dedicated tutor allows you to get personalised feedback which concentrates on your own strengths and weaknesses, not to mention the fact that in every lesson you get to practice with an English speaker. Perhaps the best part of online FCE tuition is that the timetable is flexible and you can take classes during or after working hours. As a result, you can fit your course around the busiest of schedules.


Julian – FCE Preparation

I always knew that I wanted to work in the aviation business. It is a strong international job, in which a high level of English is required. So I studied on an FCE course, where I could improve my language skills and prepare for the Cambridge First Certificate Exam. It was a really successful experience. I had the facility to learn grammar in a simple way as well as vocabulary in writing, listening, speaking and presentation. The way of teaching was very comfortable and we had a lot of fun. Now my course of studies is Aviation Management, in which I can cope very well with my language skills.

Maria – CAE Preparation

When I was about to take the CAE Exam, I was not feeling confident enough to do it. My teacher at London English Online was experienced, dedicated and well qualified in his profession. Whatismore, he taught in a way that anyone could understand. No doubt, I have become much more confident. In addition to improving my English and passing the CAE Exam, I have also had the opportunity to go back to Brazil and doors have been opening for me.

Antonino – CPE Preparation

Studying for the CPE takes a lot of work. With the help of my tutor, we covered everything for the exam. I found the grammar especially difficult, but my tutor was a great help and together we cracked it.

Claudia – CAE Preparation

London English Online knows exactly what students are expected to do along the 5 parts of the exam. My tutor, – who is significantly well prepared and fully qualified-, has shown the ability to be great at lesson-planning providing me with the right tools and resources as well as with individual strategies to how best approach each and every part of the exam. Not only has he taught me Advanced English, but also he has supported me all the way through; motivating me and transferring me both his full energy and positive philosophy to keep me going and building up my confidence.

His teaching method is based on the student’s involvement. New learning worked at a lesson is practised at home by doing some homework. Feedback is always given as the tutor considers it essential in order to address misconceptions and areas that need further improvement. He covers those on following lessons, making himself sure that no learning is left behind. He recommended me a Grammar and Vocabulary Book which I went through during my spare time at home. We worked alongside this book and he was always able to break grammar down for a better understanding. Not to say about his perfect and amusing examples, they were just the icing on the cake!

I strongly recommend London English Online because it has helped me get further in my career by getting the CAE Certificate. It goes without saying that I loved my teacher’s amazing lessons as his way of teaching is just effective, enjoyable and unique!

Thank you EVER so much.